Pearl RearVision

Is Now An American Road Safety Product

Pearl RearVision

Is Now An American Road Safety Product

Backing into stuff is expensive.
Not backing into stuff is not.

Back into something, and you’ll learn the hard way how expensive it is to repair even minor damage. The average bumper collision repair costs over $3,000, plus the risk of an average insurance premium increase of 40%. Ouch.

That thing you can’t see? That’s generally what you back into.

RearVision’s backup camera gives you up to a 180-degree field of view, thus eliminating the dreaded “blind spot”. RearVision also gives you audio alerts when you are close to hitting something.

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Installing RearVision is easy.
Unlike watching your auto insurance go up.

RearVision was designed with the wrench-impaired in mind. Installation is quick and painless —usually less than ten minutes.

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A lot of big ideas started in garages. Ours began in a driveway.

Our three co-founders were instrumental in the development of the iPod and the iPhone. At Pearl, they’re passionate about bringing the same type of transformative change they led at Apple to the auto industry. Their goal is to improve driver and passenger safety by delivering advanced, adaptive technology to the 1.2 billion cars on the road.

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RearVision is $299.99. (previously $499)
Not a lot to spend compared to backing into a Harley.

Until now, getting a quality backup camera installed would set you back thousands of dollars. And even that would be worth it compared to the repair bills that come with one teeny, tiny fender bender.


The average cost of an insurance claim for a backup incident.


64% of people have a deductible of more than $500


Backup cameras reduce blind zones by as much as 90%

Features that make any car smarter and safer. Even if your teenager is driving.

Two wide-angle HD cameras with controllable views and night vision

Smart parking guidelines that measure distance to objects and react accordingly

Intelligent visual and audible obstacle alerts with dedicated speaker

Solar powered for truly wireless installation

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